Hey y'all! 
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday! My goal in creating this blog was going to be to update it periodically. Well you know how things go. I'm a mom of two sweet kiddos and we are busy busy busy! Things are settling down a bit as I now have a few mornings to myself to get some things done. My youngest (13 months) is old enough to attend a little summer camp two days a week until July 5 with my oldest (3 years old). Having 4 hours to myself two days a week is glorious, but seriously, where does the time go? 
Anyways, I will get back to planning some posts, updating you on life lately as well as some of our products that are launching. 
Exciting news is that our Boys' Gingham Swim Trunks are back in stock but they will not last long! I don't have a huge number in inventory but I will definitely add more if the demand is there. 
To celebrate the arrival of these long awaited swim trunks, I've created two different mobile phone wallpapers for you to try out. Click Here to download one of our cute wallpapers. One of them features our new branding icon (a pineapple, symbolizing Southern Hospitality) as the main focus. We are so excited to start bringing this little guy into our brand. You may have seen him sneak onto our Mother's Day post on Instagram. 
Of course, I got myself on a little tangent but make sure to check out the gingham shorts before they sell out. How cute would these be with a bright red monogram for the 4th of July! There's still time to order!

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